Viability is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Massachusetts that caters to the needs and enrichment of people of all abilities.


The Icon

Viability’s original logo consisted of two birds in a dull dark blue that felt meaningless to the goals of their organization. 

The goal was to be able to convey how Viability was a resource to reaching people of varying abilities and a safe haven of acceptance and accommodation.

The new logo is an uppercase V that shows the intersection of Viability with people of all abilities in an organic yet energetic way. It is one that shows movement and stimulates action and the dual colored organization name puts focus on ability. 



Building the Brand

Waves from the logo and the wide range of colors from the gradient were used to create hierarchy, establish precedence and bring the brand to life.

A comprehensive style guide detailing everything from the basics all the way to the details in text formatting were laid out to make sure the brand remains sustainable and capable for all levels of management. A gradient overlay was used for cover pages and slides and the same effect was repeated on the website for consistency.


With the wide variety of Viability’s website was redesigned to make sure it was user-friendly and accessible. 

In order to make the website accurately display the various programs offered by Viability, a map listing their locations and programs allowed for viewers to not just know of the programs, but also be able to access each of the programs offered. Information was offered in small bite-sized blocks for readability and comprehension. 

For the design, the waves from the logo were simulated on the website and subtle animation was used. The site was optimized for all devices, was made accessible through user way, and features a job board amongst other features.

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