T-shirt Designs

Select T-shirt designs for various clients. 


Pray 5 Times a Day is a T-shirt designed for DAAD T-shirt Co. referencing a muslims need to pray five times a day. The design shows urgency and a sense of completion/incompletion. 


Rule the Streets is a T-shirt design proposal for a local street and motorcycle company. The grunge effect shows the grit of the road, while the angle subtly shows the expanse of the road ahead.


We Give Back is a T-shirt design proposal for local nonprofit, Project Downtown St. Louis. The G shows a hand, while the arrow shows that feeding the needy comes full circle.

We Give Back Project Downtown T-shirt Design
Missouri Bicentennial T-shirt Design by Aalia Rahman
White man wearing Missouri Bicentennial T-shirt Design featuring the animals of MO with hands in pocket.