Original Oil Paintings

As a surreal expressionist, my art explores memories, emotions, and alternative states of reality hidden within the confines of a mortal body. Through my work, I hope to bring the inside out, baring the vulnerabilities within us, while allowing someone else to consume those invisible states in a completely different way.


My art is conceptualized through words, emotions, memories, mental states, and anything unseen or unheard. These mental states are usually expressed in two conflicting views or using imagery that opposes the concept or idea. Through this, I attempt to disturb, stir, or cause the viewer to question established concepts. 

Erosion | 24"x24" (Sold)
Fake | 36"x24"
Sailing Through Glass | 36"x48"


As I like enveloping my viewer within the piece, I execute my art with oil paints and canvases that are 3ft or above. Some ways I redefine known ideas is through bright colors for dark emotions, sharp objects for happy memories, and innocent animals for heavy ideas.

Masked | 36"x36"
Aalia_Rahman_TheFlow_Oil on Canvas_36x48
The Flow | 48"x36"


Though it is possible to commission me for a custom painting, I usually commission concepts or feelings rather than an exact image itself.
Opposites | 48"x36"
Drowning | 48"x36"
Future(less) | 48"x36"
Mechanics of the Mind: Dream | 18"x24"
Mechanics of the Mind: Idea | 18"x24"
Mechanics of the Mind: Thought | 18"x24"
Branches of Happiness | 12"x12"
Veins of Happiness | 12"x12"
Miscarriage | 30"x40" (Commissioned Artwork)