Muslim Women's Professional Network

Founded over two years ago, Muslim Women’s Professional Network (MWPN) is a St. Louis-based nonprofit that aims to recreate the mainstream narrative of muslim women.


With varying triangles symbolizing different groups and types of people, the icon shows pathways created between them, while the shape of the square shows a solid network created from these inter-colliding people and their stories. Colors were chosen to give a sense of femininity while remaining neutral at the same time.


Patterns created from the logo design were used across the brand to show the purpose and structure within the organization. Information was displayed in a minimalist style to create contrast and clarity amongst the different colors.


For the website, a scrolling spread of information with access to underlying pages including a blog, the team and upcoming events were briefly displayed to introduce the viewer to the organization. Parallax images in the header created interest and movement, while a fixed menu made it easy to navigate between pages at any point in the site.


For recurring annual events, brand colors were used. While for one-time events, varying colors and graphics were used.