CBD Canvas Boutique & Dispensary

Located in Maplewood, MO, CBD Canvas Boutique & Dispensary is a small business that sells medicinal, bath, and wellness products derived from hemp. 


CBD Canvas Boutique & Dispensary’s website was originally created to help people learn more about CBD and the hemp industry through their blog while also letting people know about the stores location in Maplewood, MO.

Sliders were used in order to allow the viewer to access their blog, about, and their products should they end up not scrolling lower to view the most used product categories.


The website was optimized for all devices with reduced copy, flexible images and structures that resized appropriately for desktop, tablet, and cellphone.


Gradually CBD Canvas decided to move towards an online store to make their products accessible to a wider audience.

Sliders, tags and categories were added to their ecommerce site to help filter brands and product types and entice their audience with sales. 

Visit cbdcanvas.com to view the site live.


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